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The Mission of the Darien Land Trust is to preserve and protect open space in Darien. Preservation of open space benefits our community by adding to quality of life values for the residents of our town, preserving precious natural habitats and the rural character of Darien for future generations.

Darien Land Trust would like to thank our members for their support. Please visit our “Get Involved” page to find out how you can help!

CELEBRATION OF THE WOODS FAMILY DAY was a great success- click below to watch a video of this event

Darien Land Trust

Darien Land Trust Celebration 2012


"To sit in the shade on a fine day
and look upon verdure is the most
perfect refreshment"

˜ Jane Austen

  • Upcoming DLT Events

    Upcoming DLT EventsCelebration of the Woods Family Day: DLT is hosting a "celebration day" in Dunlap/Selleck's Woods that engages people of all ages in education activities that celebrate the beauty of our woods and parklands. On hand will be musicians, artists, refreshments and exhibits for topics including birds, butterflies, amphibians, trees, invasive plants ...
  • DLT Sponsors Birding Movie at the Darien Library

    DLT Sponsors Birding Movie at the Darien Library DLT planned multiple special birding events in May 2014, including co-sponsoring with Greenwich Audobon the film "Birders: The Cental Park Effect" on May 1st at the Darien Library. Over four years, director and birder Jeffrey Kimball used many tricks to capture 117 birds, each of which gets its own credit. ...
  • Spring Birding in Dunlap/Selleck Woods

    Spring Birding in Dunlap/Selleck WoodsThe birds are back! The DLT sponsored a spring bird walk in Dunlap/Selleck's Woods on May 10, 2014. During this time of the spring migration, swarms of birds in brilliantly colored breeding plumage are seen filling woodlands and parks with their beautiful spring songs.Birders spotted species including Oven Bird, ...